Boil Water Advisory Issued In Cedar Lake

UPDATE – On Sunday 11/22, the boil advisory has been lifted. It is now safe to use the water.

A Precautionary Boil Water Advisory Notice is issued for the Town of Cedar Lake Water Utility customers on the West Side Water System which are:
East of Parrish Avenue south of 133rd Avenue to 141st Avenue West of Parrish Avenue from 137th Avenue South to 151st Avenue.

This is a safety precaution. This Boil Advisory is in effect until further notice. Cedar Lake Officials appreciate your cooperation during this time and will update you as soon as this issue has been resolved. See attached map for reference.

A Precautionary boil water advisory is issued when a water system experiences a loss in positive water pressure (below 20 psi), typically due to a serious main break or low storage tank levels. A loss of positive water pressure indicates the existence of conditions that could allow contamination to enter the distribution system. An advisory is issued as a precaution until water samples are collected and analyzed to confirm that water quality has not been affected.

Updates will be posted on the Town’s website, Facebook page and through the CodeRed alert system. If you have any questions, please contact the Town of Cedar Lake Utility Department at (219) 374-7000.

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