Lansing Squad Car Flipped After Responding To Accident

Around 6pm Lansing Police were responding to an accident near the Airport. An officer was traveling South on Burnham with full lights and sirens when he struck another vehicle which had a green light traveling West on 186th. Police on scene say the officer is ok. The squad car struck the stop light pole at the intersection which also came down during the crash. The driver of the car told RNS he did not see the approaching car and the emergency signal lights on the stoplight were not activated. The driver does have minor injuries but refused to be transported. Illinois State Police are investigating the accident.

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One thought on “Lansing Squad Car Flipped After Responding To Accident

  1. Uhm, so the cop assumed he had the right away, and didn’t notice the traffic signal was malfunctioning? That tells me he was caught up in the moment……and the person he hit actually had the right away…….had he been paying attention……this wouldn’t have happened…..I’ve driven emergency vehicles in emergency situations, you don’t assume ANYTHING when coming to an intersection, because THIS is what happens when you do!

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