Man Threatens Family After $30 Marketplace Purchase

On June 10, 2024 at approximately 7:16 PM, Porter County Police responded to a Hebron address concerning a call of service for intimidation stemming from threatning social media messages, according to a police report.

The complainant advised officers that a man named Christopher threatened her online by stating that he would come to her house with a Glock to harm her and her children. The mans threats were made after the complainant sold him a fire pit for $30 through Facebook which allegedly broke the day after Cristopher purchased it.

When police located the man at his residence, he denied having ever threatened to harm her or the children. He stated that he sent some angry messages via messenger but he deleted the messages and he was unable to show them to police. Officers explained that they had been shown the messages by the complainant and were aware of the threats he made. The threatening messages stated, “I want my fuc** money back! I will return with a fucking Glock, You think you’re getting away from this think again bit I’ll come for your kids.”

The man now identified as 55 year old Christopher Schott of Hebron was located and placed under arrest for Intimidation (level 6 felony).

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