Seven People Taken Into Custody After Hobart SWAT Raid Wednesday

On November 18, 2020 at approximately 6:30 AM, Officers from the Hobart Police Department were assisted by the Northwest Regional SWAT Team with an execution of a search warrant on a residence located on the 4000 block of Missouri Street, according to Captain James Gonzales.

This search warrant was part of an ongoing narcotics investigation being conducted by members of the Hobart Police Department, Gonzales told RNS. There were 7 people taken into custody and one of the people taken into custody owned/ rented the home. Members of the Hobart Police Department’s evidence recovery team recovered narcotics and firearms from inside of the residence. This case is still an ongoing investigation and it hasn’t been determined when charges will be presented against the target of the investigation.

The following people were taken into custody this morning from inside of the residence:

  1.  Male/ 26 years of age/ Residence: Gary
  2.  Male/ 27 years of age/ Residence: Portage
  3.  Male/ 33 years if age/ Residence: Hobart
  4. Male/ 54 years of age/ Residence: Hobart
  5. Female/ 27 years of age/ Residence: Lake Village
  6. Female/ 44 years of age/ Residence: Lake Station
  7. Female/ 23 years of age/ Residence: Plymouth

The Hobart Police Department thanked the Northwest Regional SWAT Team for their assistance this morning and their continuous support of the Hobart Police Department.

Types of activities synonymous with drug activity may include:
-more than normal amounts of pedestrian or vehicle traffic to and from a particular area or residence for short periods of time-increased amounts of people continuously loitering or gathering inside the residence-increased amounts of graffiti in or around the suspect house-you may witness hand to hand drug transactions-you may see people using drugs or over hear them talking about selling drugs-resident(s) of the home may display signs of being paranoid

If you see this type activity, please document the time of day, names of the individuals(if known), types of vehicles and license plate information (if available), please give this type of information when you report it to the Hobart Police Department.

If anyone notices any suspicious drug activity in their neighborhood, please contact Commander Nicholas Wardrip @ or @ 219-942-4485. Anyone reporting the activity will remain anonymous. 

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