St. John Announces Christmas Parade

The Town of St. John announced it will be having a Christmas Parade Friday, November 27th at noon, which is put on by The St. John Clerk Treasurer’s Office.

With the cancellation of the annual Christmas In The Park Tree Lighting, Santa Pavilion, and fireworks due to COVID precautions the Clerks Office put together a Christmas Parade plan along with other festive events listed on the flyer below. The town is asking that people line the parade route from the comfort of their vehicles to wave and honk to Santa and all his friends. The parade is scheduled to take off from Lake Central High School at noon and head Southbound on 41 to Lincoln Elementary School. As an added bonus multiple companies, trucks, and emergency vehicles will escort Santa. This may include a special appearance by The Lake County Sheriff’s Helicopter.

Supporting this event with the Clerk’s Office is Mission One a 100% non profit organization helping Veteran’s in need. Mission One was founded by Johnny Boersma who will be escorting Santa in the parade as well.

RNS was asked to cover the event with video for those not able to attend in person. Stay tuned for that on the 27th.

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