Brother of Victim Charged With Murder in Gary

On June 5, 2024, Gary Police responded to the 5000 block of Jefferson Street in reference to a homicide that occurred, according to court records.

The victim now identified as Seth Montgomery was found deceased in the home after being shot twice, according to court documents. The father of the victim stated he was sleeping until he heard gun shots around 9:45 PM. The father walked out of the bedroom to find one of his sons standing there with what appeared to be a gun under his shirt. His other son was on the ground bleeding from his head. The father asked his son now identified as Billy White Jr. what he had done, to which Billy responded by saying, “you want some too? I’ll take you all out.”

Billy ran out of the house to a vehicle where the father followed him to. Billy told his father to drive him to the hospital because that’s what he likes to do when he does “stupid shit” The father agreed and drove Billy to Southlake Methodist where Billy exited the car and said, “If you cross me, I will come after you too.” Billy walked towards the hospital and the father immediately returned home to call police about what occurred.

Merrillville & Gary Police responded to the home and to the hospital to locate Billy immediately. His shirt and gun were located in some bushes near the hospital after looking over security footage. Billy was found a short time later by Merrillville Police and taken into custody. Billy was unable to provide any statements to his actions due to him being put on suicide watch.

Billy was found to have previous charges for Battery Against a Public Safety Official (Level 6 Felony) This charge had Billy under indictment making him ineligible to carry a handgun. Billy was also convicted previously of Neglect of a Dependent as a Level 6 felony and Battery as a Level 6 Felony.

Billy White Jr has now been charged with Murder and Unlawful Carrying of a Handgun-prior felony conviction within the last 15 years concerning the death of his brother.

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