Chesterton Municipal Complex Sign Vandalized

Chesterton Police are investigating a vandalism that occurred early Tuesday morning at The Municipal Complex to the main sign located at 1490 Broadway. The perpetrator in the incident used black spray paint to vandalize the west-facing side of the sign.

Police say security cameras captured an image of the perpetrator at approximately 4 AM, Tuesday, June 20.

Indiana State Senator Rodney Pol (D-Chesterton) made a statement concerning this incident:

“The people of Chesterton should be livid that a coward decided to vandalize town property with a call to violence and derogatory language. I denounce this senseless and shameful act. As a legislator and public servant, my priority is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all people in my community, and this inflammatory, ignorant message absolutely cannot go unanswered. LGBTQ+ people are our family, friends, and neighbors and they undoubtedly deserve to live safely and happily in our shared community just as much as anyone else. Chesterton is strong thanks to its diversity and its amazing residents—this sort of hateful rhetoric has absolutely no place here. Our focus is on building an exceptional, inclusive community with opportunities for all. We have no time or patience for sowing division and fear. I know the residents of Chesterton feel the same way, which is why this act was carried out under the cover of night with no witnesses—this incident is a stain on a community of otherwise upstanding, honest and compassionate citizens.

I urge anyone with information to come forward, as this is a serious threat to public safety and to residents of Chesterton. To anyone insulted or threatened by this act, please know that I and countless others in Chesterton stand with you and will not tolerate the hate.”

Street Department staff is at work cleaning the damage as of 8 AM. Anyone with information about the vandalism is asked to call the Chesterton Police Department at 219–926-1136. 

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