East Chicago Council Votes 6-3 To Restore 24 Hour Shifts for ECFD

The East Chicago City Council passed an ordinance restoring 24 hour shifts for Firefighters Monday night with a vote of 6-3. The three no votes came from Orange, Vazquez, and Walker.

East Chicago Fire Chief Anthony Serna & State President of The Firefighters Union Tom Hanify spoke in front of the council Monday night saying they met with Mayor Copeland and began talks describing it as “Frank Talks” and plan to have the dispute settled over the next couple weeks hopefully. Serna said they are making progress and hopes it’s for the positive.

The firefighters can’t go back to regular shifts however till litigation talks are complete and also pending Copeland does not veto the ordinance in the next 10 days. If Mayor Copeland vetos the ordinance the council would need a Super Majority to overrule it.

Firefighters Rally in front of City Hall. Photo – Paul Goddard
Firefighters Rally in back of City Hall. Photo – Paul Goddard
East Chicago Fire Chief Anthony Serna & Professional Firefighters Union of Indiana President Tom Hanify
Photo – Paul Goddard
Chief Serna Leaves After Opening Comments Before Council Vote
Photo – Paul Goddard
City Residents & Firefighters Pack Council Chambers
Photo – Paul Goddard

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3 thoughts on “East Chicago Council Votes 6-3 To Restore 24 Hour Shifts for ECFD

  1. It’s absolutely terrible that the firefighters have to work a different shift everyday! Your body can’t get used to this, Copeland is killing them slowly and jeopardizing the residents of East Chicago! This was to save money but he doesn’t show us any figures?? He’s spending more money on lawyers out of the residents tax payer dollars! It’s just vengeance-how sad!! Firefighters risk their lives to save people and he’s just giving them & the residents the finger because he knows he could get away with it!! God help us! I have lived in the Harbor all my life and never experienced such a mean, vengeful mayor who cares just about himself & his ego!

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