Firefighters Save Three Homes From Brush Fires Thursday

Volunteers across Porter County responded to Liberty Township for a brush fire in a heavily wooded area near 700 North and 50 West on Wednesday, November 15.

Liberty Township Assistant Fire Chief Michael Wineland arrived first on scene and reported a fire spreading quickly in the wooded area and down into a ravine. Wineland called for multiple fire resources from as far as Beverly Shores to Kouts Fire Departments. A total of ten fire departments were on scene assisting due to a shortage of manpower and the quick spread.

Brush trucks and ATVs were on scene for over three hours extinguishing the fire.

Firefighters strapped with Indian packs (water packs) and hand tools saved three nearby homes that were just feet from being scorched by the brush fire. Only a small shed sustained fire damage, Liberty Township Fire said.

In all, approximately six and a half acres were burned. South Haven Deputy Chief Jordan Bucy assisted with coordinating fire resource response and fire assignment tasks for the responding units.

Residents are reminded to refrain from burning yard waste or conducting fires that are not properly contained. Porter County residents are prohibited per Indiana Code to open burn. Residents are encouraged to take yard waste to compost sites in the county or create one on private property.

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