Former Boyfriend Slashes Ex’s Throat Over Jealousy Issues

On March 16, 2024, around 8:20 AM, Gary Police & Fire responded to the 1100 block of W. 5th Ave for a stabbing victim found. On arrival Paramedics found a woman with a laceration across her neck bleeding. The woman was transported to NorthLake Hospital for treatment.

Police were able to speak the woman at the hospital who multiple injuries including a slash from one side of her neck to the other requiring 12 sutures, multiple contusions, and a swollen jaw. The woman stated her on and off partner became jealous of her seeing another man. The woman stated this was not anything new, in the past he has pulled fire alarms at the apartment to see who would come out of the building. Two weeks before this incident the ex boyfriend had caused bruising to her eyes that was still visible.

On 3/15/2024 the woman went to the ex’s home on 5th Ave where he was cooking dinner. She stated the dinner had mushrooms in it which she is allergic to and caused the swelling to her jaw. The ex boyfriend was unaware of this allergy and went to CVS to get Benadryl. While at CVS he ran into the woman’s new partner. Words were exchanged between the two men before he went back to confront the woman. The pair argued through the night before eventually falling asleep.

The next morning the ex boyfriend was still upset with the woman and began to argue again. During the argument the ex picked up a box cutter and thrusted at her neck saying, “I’m going to kill your ***.” The box cutter cut the woman across her neck. The man immediately grabbed a shirt to try to stop the bleeding. The man then called 911 and left the area on foot.

The ex boyfriend now identified as DAVID JERMAINE MOORE, 42, of Gary was charged with the following:

Attempted Murder – Level 1 Felony

Aggravated Battery – Level 3 Felony

Domestic Battery Resulting In Serious Bodily Injury – Level 5 Felony

Domestic Battery With A Deadly Weapon – Level 5 Felony

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