At approximately 12 PM Tuesday, an unauthorized student trespassed into Hammond Central High School when another student opened a side door, according to The School City of Hammond.

A teacher recognized that the student came through an unauthorized door and immediately called the main office to report the situation. The office manager radioed administrative personnel and security, who quickly located the trespasser. When the student noticed security personnel, he immediately fled and gave his backpack to another student.

Administrative staff located the student with the backpack while security officers apprehended the trespasser. After searching the backpack, an administrator found what appeared to be a handgun in the backpack, which was later confirmed. The Hammond Police Department was immediately notified, and the school went on “secured” status while the investigation ensued.

No students or staff were harmed thanks to the immediate response from Hammond Central staff and security officers. The trespasser was arrested by the Hammond Police Department and left in police custody. Indiana statute dictates a mandatory 1-year expulsion for any offenses associated with deadly weapons. Any students that assisted the trespasser will be disciplined according to the SCH Code of Conduct.

“The security of all SCH students and staff are the #1 priority of the School City of Hammond. The due diligence and awareness of all staff allowed for the trespasser in question to be apprehended quickly, even while many on campus were not aware of what was occurring,” SCH stated. Hammond Police had no further information to add to this release.

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