Lansing Firefighters Extricate Driver After Rollover

Wednesday night around 10:35pm Lansing Firefighters were dispatched for a roll-over motor vehicle accident located on the 3000 block of 190th Street, according to Deputy Chief John Grady of the Lansing Fire Department. Upon arrival crews determined extrication was needed to safely remove the patient from the vehicle, according to a post from Lansing Firefighters Local 3709.

Crews worked quickly to stabilize the vehicle because the vehicle being on its roof posed an added safety risk to firefighters and the patient inside. Due to the damage to the vehicle crews removed the passenger side door and the A-pillar in order to create enough room to extricate the patient.

Lansing Firefighters were able to extricate the patient in approximately 14 minutes, firefighters said. Crews administered patient care throughout extrication, and they were transported to an area hospital. The cause of the accident is still under investigation.

Photo Courtesy Of Lansing Fire
Photo Courtesy Of Lansing Fire
Photo Courtesy Of Lansing Fire
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