Stray Bullet Hits Person In Home Monday In EC

On Monday February 13, 2023 at approximately 4:24 PM, ShotSpotter alerted to 18 rounds being fired in the area of 2111 Broadway Street in East Chicago, according to Police Chief Jose Rivera . Once the ShotSpotter alert went out Intel Officers began searching the immediate area on camera from the new Intelligence Center. 

Using new technology the Intel Officer located four potential suspects fleeing the scene and alerted patrol officers. The Intel officer was able to track the four suspects to 3610 Alder Street, Rivera said. Patrol officers were alerted to the potential suspect’s location and arrived on scene. Once on scene the Intel Officer then notified officers to which apartment the potential suspects ran inside.  Officers were able to take four suspects into custody and recovered 2 semi-automatic handguns, 5 handgun magazines. One of the magazines was an extended magazine with the capacity to hold over 50 rounds, Rivera stated. 

While Officers were tracking the suspects a gunshot victim walked into St. Catherine Hospital. The gunshot victim was in her house on the 3700 block of Elm Street, just south of 2111 Broadway when a stray bullet went through her window and struck her in the shoulder. The victim was driven to the hospital by a family member. The victim is in stable condition.  

This is an on-going investigation. The Criminal Investigation Division is currently working the case.

Anyone with any information can contact The Criminal Investigation Division at 219-391-8318 or the anonymous tip line at 219-391-8500. You can also send anonymous tips to ATLAS ONE / Cardinal Connect App.  

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