UFO’s? Questions Are Being Asked Across At Least 4 States Sunday

Thousands of people across Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois are reporting seeing numerous lights in the sky in a straight line and then disappearing shortly after. We are receiving lots of pictures of this mystery. What we have learned at this hour it’s quite possibly The Star Link Satellites, but we have not been able to confirm as of yet if this is true. Tell us what you saw and think it is!

Update – We have confirmed the sightings across the Northern United States is in fact The Star Link Satellite Train.

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7 thoughts on “UFO’s? Questions Are Being Asked Across At Least 4 States Sunday

  1. I have the same photo of lights moving from Cedar Lake, Indiana with the same angle & slowing disappearing one by one…

  2. I saw them across central Iowa a couple weeks ago… they were moving from SW to NE, lasted about 5 minutes the first half was spaced out but traveling at the same exact speed and equidistant but then there was a space then another group with lights equidistant but about 1/2 the distance apart and the very last to go over was a set of two lights set apart… I don’t know what it was but it didn’t seem like it was a Satellite Train. It seemed lower than satellites but what do I know.

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