CSX Train Derails 18 Crude Oil Tankers In EC

At approximately 5:21pm Wednesday the East Chicago Fire Department was dispatched to an incident involving an eastbound CSX train between Euclid Ave. and Kennedy Ave, East Chicago Fire Chief Anthony Serna stated.

As of 7:30 p.m. we know there are 18 cars derailed between Euclid and Huish. Of those 18, approximately 5 to 10 cars are in need of uprighting. The product in the derailed cars is crude oil, Serna said. At this time no product has spilled and there is no immediate danger to residents. CSX is in charge of uprighting and mitigation of the product and railcars.

Photo Jose Chavez

Euclid will remain closed at Chicago Ave as equipment is brought in to upright the train cars for approximately the next 12 hours. The underground pipelines have been shut off running parallel to the tracks as a precautionary measure, Serna told RNS.

Photo – Paul Goddard
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