Known Felon Runs From Schererville Police

On Tuesday April 9, 2024, at approximately 3:08 PM, Schererville Police attempted to stop a red Mazda CX-5 traveling south bound on US 41 (Indianapolis Blvd) and Moraine Trace.

The vehicle failed to stop, and it entered the parking lot of 2121 US 41, Luke Gas Station. The vehicle drove around the parking lot as an Officer followed the vehicle with lights and sirens activated. The vehicle made a right turn onto US 41 and began to travel north bound at a high rate of speed.

The suspect vehicle tried to pass an unidentified semi-truck and trailer on the passenger side. As the suspect used the outside shoulder of W Lincoln Highway to pass the semi, it collided into the passenger side of the trailer. The vehicle continued to flee west bound on W Lincoln Highway from the accident scene.

Near the intersection of State Line Road and 109th Avenue, Officers had tire deflation devices deployed. The suspect avoided the devices but lost control of the vehicle. The suspect vehicle collided with a different vehicle in the 25000 block of State Line Road. The male driver then exited the vehicle and began to flee west bound on foot from the accident scene.

Officers from multiple agencies, along with a Schererville K9, chased the suspect on foot and took him into custody. The suspect was then transported to a local hospital to be treated for his wounds. One Cedar Lake Officer was injured on his arm during the apprehension as well by the K9.

The Schererville Detective Bureau will be presenting multiple charges to the Lake County Prosecutors Office on the driver of the vehicle. RNS believes at this time the suspect is a well known felon with multiple resisting and auto theft charges over the years.

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