Lake County Sheriff Units Arrest Violent Offender After Pursuit Into IL

Shortly after 10am Monday morning Lake County Sheriff Deputies attempted to make a traffic stop on on the 3700 block of Ridge on a Maroon Saturn occupied with three individuals. The vehicle which was speeding and appeared to be making evasive maneuvers to lose the patrolling Deputy. The Officer activated his lights and the Saturn came to a slow stop on Ridge. A passenger exited the vehicle before the driver began to drive away from the deputy and flee.

Lake County Police pursued the vehicle North on Burr before the Saturn continued onto 80/94 Westbound into Illinois. According to police reports the driver disregarded numerous traffic signals and used the shoulder of 80/94 to flee while attempting to ram pursuing police cars. Officers observed the driver throw numerous plastic baggies out the window according to reports. Once the chase entered into Illinois the officers attempted to box the vehicle in to stop him using the rolling road block technique. The suspect evaded the box in and hit numerous marked units and continued North on the Bishop Ford. Officers then attempted to box him again, this time pinning the Saturn against the guardrail and marked units leaving the vehicle stuck. The driver jumped out the window and attempted to run into the southbound lanes of the Bishop Ford while not complying to commands by officers which resulted in the suspect being tazed. The suspect then gave officers false information concerning his name and address who he claimed to be Steven Johnson. The female passenger who actually owned the vehicle was helped out of the window and transported by the Calumet City Paramedics with the driver to a local hospital for evaluation because of the crash. Both were released from the hospital and transported to the Lake County Jail. 

Courtesy of Chuck Pullen

The female passenger now identified as Melissa Hardin was arrested for possession of a controlled substance after police found an unlabeled prescription bottle with pills in it now known to be slow release morphine pills. 

The driver of the Saturn now identified as Filipe Rosario was charged with Reckless Driving, Resisting Law Enforcement With A Vehicle, False Identifying, Driving While Suspended, as well as warrants for Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by Violent Felon and Driving While Suspended. 

Felipe Rosario Provided By Lake County Sheriff
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