Man Arrested After Striking Winfield Officer

On Monday, April 2, 2024, around 5:20 AM, the Winfield Police Department was dispatched to the 7500 block of E. 111th Ln for a disturbance, according to Winfield Police.

Upon arrival the officer spoke with the 33-year-old male resident at the front door of the home. The male indicated that there was no problem, however he appeared to be agitated and was uncooperative with the officer. The officer requested to speak with the female half. The man summoned her, and she responded to the front door.

The 42-year-old female began to speak to the officer, however the male kept interrupting and interfering with the officer’s investigation. The officer attempted to separate the two so that he could speak to the female privately. He asked the male to step outside at which time the male grabbed the officer and began striking him in the face. The officer defended himself, gained control of the subject and applied wrist restraints. A Lake County Deputy responded to the Winfield Officer’s request for assistance and transported the male to the Lake County Jail.

The Winfield Officer completed his investigation with the female and was later taken to Franciscan Hospital for medical attention. He suffered contusions to his left jaw and left hand.

Charges against the male suspect now identified as Antonio R. Lugo Jr. were presented, and accepted, to the Lake County Prosecutor’s Office for the following:

Battery Resulting in Bodily Injury to a Public Safety Official (Level 5 Felony)

Battery against a Public Safety Official (Level 6 Felony)

Resisting Law Enforcement (Level 5 Felony)

Resisting Law Enforcement (Class A Misdemeanor).

Antonio R. Lugo Jr. has been denied bail and is currently lodged at the Lake County Jail.

The officer has since been cleared to return to work by medical staff.

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