Mission One Purchases Two Full Bite Suits For St. John Police K9’s

On Monday, January 17, 2022 Johnny Boersma President & Founder of Mission One and Board of Directors announced to The St. John Safety Board they purchased 2 full bite suits for the St. John Police Department K9 Division. 

Mission One is a non profit that assists Veterans and First Responders from across the area. Boersma who is a resident of St. John said, “With the town growing, the department growing, and the need for new equipment to help these officers train was much needed.” 

The two St. John K9 Officers are currently using a 20 year old suit that was custom made for Police Chief Steve Flores.  It’s seen better days and did not fit the current K9 Officers. Each suit is custom fit to the officer using it. “Each suit costs around $1,700, totaling around $3,400 and was not implemented into the town budget,” Boersma told RNS. 

“One suit is a Demanet Semi-Training Bite Suit and the other a Seynaeve Semi Competion Bite Suit,” Boersma said. 

“The K9’s are given to the officers semi trained and it is the responsibility of the officer to relentlessly continue training all times of the day with all conditions and terrains,” Boersma said to the Board. 

St. John K-9 Match

St. John K9 Officers Adams (Match) & Olson (Raider) thanked Mission One and the executive board for supporting the St. John K9 Unit. “This will definitely help with the training of Match and Raider,” Adams said. Police Chief Steve Flores also thanked Mission One for their continued support of the department.

K9 Match visits with Mission One’s Jeff Slaven.

If you would like to help support Mission One you can visit their Facebook Page “Mission One” for links on events or donations. 

In the future The St. John Police K9 Division will be having fundraisers or accepting donations to help fund the K9 needs. Those will be posted on the St. John Police Department social media pages on a later date. 

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