Shots Fired At Hooters Lansing

Shortly after 9:30pm Thursday night shots were fired at Hooters on Torrence Ave in Lansing, IL. Witnesses inside the establishment told Region News an argument began and then they heard three shots fired inside the restaurant. People began to run out the doors and take cover wherever they could. The witness who spoke to us on scene had an infant baby she was protecting while all this was going on. The witness and her child ran to Wendy’s next door when she heard approximately three more shots fired from the parking lot.

Lansing Police secured the parking lot and interviewed anyone trying to leave the area. As of 10:30pm police are on scene collecting evidence. At this time sources tell us no one was injured in this incident. We have a full update from Lansing Police as this investigation continues.

Photo – Paul Goddard RNS
Photo – Paul Goddard RNS
Photo – Paul Goddard RNS
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35 thoughts on “Shots Fired At Hooters Lansing

      1. Well we know you’re not a real man. Because real men fight with hands to make sure they hit their target. Not cowardly shooting into a place with innocent people.

  1. Same cowardly stuff.Now they’ve moved out to the suburbs.Clowns dont like to live right/nice.They don’t even like cleanliness,so it will only be a matter of time before they tear up nice neighborhoods.

  2. Some of the people in this world are cold hearted, they do not have respect for themselves, their parents, children or elderly people. This world has become a war zone and everyday normal people are causality of war. Really scary and sad times we are living in.

    1. WOW!!! So basically your saying only Blacks kill people, even though that wasn’t the case!!! You’re an Idiot, and you’re probably lonely… I’m going to Pray that God helps you when it’s your turn to speak again, because so far, no good! Asshole

  3. When people say “they”, are those people referring to a particular class or race of people… just come out and say what you have or want to say…and in other news….it always the anonymous person talking the most nonsense…anonymous + bs..yes that adds up. I’m in there all of the time, in this “jungle” and was in there just prior to this incident. I always see a lot of white people in this jungle. They’re usually hunting wings and beer. So…. the culprits…it seems that we have all of their information based on these few comments.

  4. No morals, values and no self respect when you have these three combinations you have some people in life that simply just do not care which first starts with themselves so therefore they reflect on other people around them with their poor decision-making skills.. the area that a lot of these things are happening in really reflect aren’t on the people in the area it’s just simply people are out in different areas wanting to eat shop or whatever and they bring their ignorance wherever they are… as they say the idle mind is the Devil’s Playground so therefore they are a lot of empty heads walking around everyday zombies

    1. Thank you. The Jungle….The nerves of some people. Lovely homes with lovely people. Some people will say anything just because they can.

  5. Ohhhh.. the jungle? Nice neighborhoods ect? THE SUSPECTS WERE WHITE AND HISPANIC BTW! So please chill with the *hints at referencing African Americans! Most crime committed in Lansing lately have been by white individuals! #PleaseSTFU!

  6. I am so sorry to see this happen where I used to live. People are all questioning the word they?? Like who are we talking about. For the sake of argument if it was giraffes that moved in and destroyed like cancer every neighborhood ever taken over by giraffes. Then I would blame giraffes. Unfortunately the They in these situations is not giraffes!! So like it or not it’s not to say that there is not good in every person. Yet you can avoid the pink elephant in the room all you want. What you can’t change is facts! I grew up in dolton before it became one of the worst towns in the US. Now what was the common factor that caused that?? Was it that all the people who lived there stayed? Or was it a whole different group of people moved in?? Facts are facts weather you like it or now. Now these towns around are just as bad. For the love of god south holland was a all Dutch community at one time. Sick to see these towns taken over like cancer and that I have no desire to go even near places I once loved. Thank god I live in a place where let’s just say no giraffes would ever be welcomed!!

    1. And y’all whites just like to kill in masses. And sleep with u your cousins. And we don’t wanna be in you uptight boring ass giraffe-less Neighbor. White people are JEALOUS of us and fear our potential. YALL, can never be as FUN and FUNNY and have as much SOUL as US. Cause when we are at are best we are UNMATCHED. NOW STFU and go eat your unseasoned ass food.

      1. Lol, can I nominate this as the most idiotic comment on the thread? You don’t see bars on windows in our neighborhoods. Also instead of speaking on your potential, it’s far better to realize your potential. Instead of referencing food. Have fun with your guns and low income lifestyle.

    2. Watch Dateline or ID Chanel you idiot. It’s mostly about the “non gireffes” you speak of. They’re killing too. But mostly they kill their spouses, children, parents, and other loved ones. Murderers have no color. Sick people kill in all races.

  7. Smdh you dumbass people don’t know but crime has no color it’s happening everywhere the media just don’t put it out there in the wealthy neighborhoods.

  8. You can’t blame people for not wanting to see the same nonsense in their community that is displayed in others. I would want them to go back their usual locale to be disrespectful and murderous. Just follow the markers; garbage all on the streets and on the curbs then you’ll know your there.

  9. When happens when it gets dark in areas. Neighborhoods used to be good till they move in. Can’t fight facts 🤷‍♂️

  10. You can’t escape violence no matter race or gender or where you live So on that note unfortunate it happened close to home nobody hurt so Merry Xmas to all and Happy New Year everyone every race gender whoever

  11. Instead of pointing fingers and going back and forth….Let’s get together and PRAY for PEACE!!! and WHOEVER THEY ARE.

  12. People who keep referencing “they”….here’s food for thought. “THEY” wouldn’t be he in this country if it weren’t for “them”! So while you speak that shit take a gander over to your mirrors so you can look at yourself thinking you’re above when I’m fact history has shown “YALL”/“YOU” have been and are the most destructive and worst of them all! Accept what your ancestors have done and what you continue to spew out of those “caucazoid” ass mouths! Anything that “they” have done is because it’s a direct correlation to what “YOU” did/created! Fuck outta here with that bs! It won’t be y’all country too much longer anyways so jump ship now racist fucks!

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