Indiana DNR Is Asking Residents To Remove Bird Feeders

Indiana DNR is now asking that all Indiana residents remove their bird feeders temporarily due to an unidentified illness. 

The birds which have been found in 40 Indiana counties, including Lake, St. Joseph and Newton Counties showed eye swelling, crusty discharge and neurological signs of illness, according to the DNR.

Samples sent to a laboratory tested negative for avian influenza and the West Nile virus. The results of these samples are still pending further analysis.

The DNR’s investigation is in partnership with the laboratory and the USGS National Wildlife Health Center.

If you see a sick or dead wild bird, DNR asks that you report it to staff online at

Indiana residents should:
• Cease feeding birds until the mortality event has concluded.
• Clean baths with 10% bleach solution.
• Avoid handling birds, but wear disposable gloves if handling is necessary.
• Keep pets away from sick or dead birds as a precaution.

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