Lake County Jail Inmate Suffers Medical Emergency & Dies

Region News learned over the weekend of a possible death of an inmate at Lake County Jail and began asking questions. We have now learned, Melanie McNeish, a 32 year old female arrestee, experienced a medical emergency in the Lake County Jail on January 31, 2020. McNeish was currently being held on Theft charges from a January 29th incident.

Correctional officers and jail medical staff provided emergency care, a release from the Sheriffs said Tuesday. McNeish was transported by ambulance to Methodist Hospital Southlake where she was later pronounced dead at 6:16 p.m. Next-of-kin were promptly notified of the death by the jail staff.

“The death is being investigated by detectives from the Lake County Sheriff’s Department,” said Sheriff Oscar Martinez Jr. “The official cause of death is pending the results of an autopsy conducted by the Lake County Coroner’s Office.,” the sheriff said.

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24 thoughts on “Lake County Jail Inmate Suffers Medical Emergency & Dies

  1. That jail is not fit for a dog to be in. No wonder she died they neglect their prisoners. I don’t care what they did in life they’re still humans !!

    1. Yes I was there after being attacked by a racist cop & the woman I side are just as rough as the men they may have done her the same way the did me. Unfortunate she did t walk away as i did, Praying for her & her family.

        1. Melanie was my fiance we were together for almost ten years have three children together but the past few years have been astranged she suffered with a seizure disorder and I have a feeling the lake co cops were not giving her help when she asked for it. I hope the ones who denied her medial attention burn in hell my children’ have to live the rest of there lives now without there mother

    2. Please Add “Justice NWI”

      I’m trying to gather people for when I face Congress for the injustice in Lake County.

    3. Don’t break the law and you’ll never go there. Ive never seen the inside of a jail cell. You know why?!? I don’t break the damn law!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. In 2012-13 I suffered a seizure in their jail I laid in a coma for weeks and they never notified my family I was taken to the same hospital as this girl where I woke up,with bed sores on my neck and arm they are the worst jail in America

  2. My husband was in there for back child support and they did not give him none of his meds! They told him that he had to fill out this form to be able to see the nurse and after several forms and no meds for his seizures and mental health he gave up because he was getting out. So they really will not help you unless u are a dope head! He spent 30 days without his meds and his therapist even went to lake county and still nothing was done! They dont give a crap!

    1. Please Add “Justice NWI”

      I’m trying to gather people for when I face Congress for the injustice in Lake County.

    2. They don’t care in 2009 I was almost beat to death down in booking alot of sickness in that jail literally 😷

    3. I just don’t get why people go to jail to begin with.. pay your child support, stop stealing, stop driving drunk, stop resisting the cops, stop trying to be effing slick and follow the law!!!!

      1. Meme perfect!!! Never littered, never drove over the speed limit, never not wore your seatbelt??? Knock it the f off meme!!! I’m sure there is a trophy somewhere for you. Judgemental huh?? Don’t worry meme God don’t like ugly n being as judgemental as you are thats as ugly as it gets.

  3. If you don’t wanna be treated bad in jail don’t go to jail! It’s not a holiday inn! Gtfoh! Tell your husband pay his damn support.

    1. Tone perfect too… Id rather have a righteous heart and mean well and have to do jail time then sit back n judge others. I get it, don’t go-to jail if you don’t like it. Take your loss, learn from it, overcome it, and don’t complain about it. But never judge someone just cuz they’ve been to jail.

  4. Please Add “Justice NWI”

    I’m trying to gather people for when I face Congress for the injustice in Lake County.

  5. my brother has asthma &he was in there on a warrant due to a civil matter. … they didnt allow him to have his inhaler on him, they took his inhaler from him, told him they will bring it to him every couple hours to take. … they did not! he was having an asthma attack &they was ignoring him saying that he was faking… the FBI needs to investigate that place &those conditions!

  6. This place is a joke! Nasty filthy and not fit for even animals! It’s the most disturbing place I have ever walked into for a visit, those people are there for a paycheck only! I wonder if it was there family member how or if they would be treated differently! That place is not fit for dogs let alone humans….

  7. This jail is horrible! They will hold you in a holding cell with 20 other people for 4-5 days and no shower before booking you and giving you your stuff to be moved into the population, the COs are completely corrupt and use unnecessary force whenever they please. This place needs to be SHUT DOWN

  8. I am pissed off this is my cousin and if the officers did anything to cause the death of her by neglect there will be a lawsuit. I am off to her funeral now ☹️

  9. I was arrested in porter county on battery which was self defense. I pushed a drunk piece of shit away from me and he kept up for I have to dig a nail in his skin and it just broke the skin. then he proceeded to push me to the bedroom and punch me in the hairline and face. I was 3 months pregnant. I had no proof he hit me and they arrested me and I could not kick him out of my house. They did arrest him on a warrant he had I did not know about. I was so embarrassed to tell my family and did not know how to get out of jail. Someone finally told me how and I bonded myself out but by that time I lost my job and my apartment. Needless to say we never spoke again. The porter county jail would not give me a toothbrush and the person I was in a cell with had puss coming out of there ears. It is was so gross . The system is broken. I dealt with the court for 3 years (did community service while I was pregnant also) going back and fourth saying not guilty . The weirdest thing is that while dating this guy we were with a few other people in Hobart and picked up drunk Harper walking down the sidewalk one night on main road in Hobart and helped her home.

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