Subject Found Deceased Inside House After Shots Fired In Hobart

On Sunday at approximately 4:20 PM, Hobart Police Officers were dispatched to the 1700 block of West Old Ridge Road for shots fired at a particular residence, according to Hobart Police.  The call had limited information provided at the time of dispatch, police stated. 

While on scene officers heard a shot fired from inside the residence.  Occupants from inside who had exited indicated there was a male still inside the home armed with a handgun. A perimeter was set and Northwest Regional SWAT was activated. 

At approximately 7:15 PM, SWAT discovered one deceased male inside the residence.   Officers did not fire any shots. This incident is under investigation by the Hobart Police Department. 

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Agencies that assisted were the Hobart Fire Department,  Merrillville Police Department,  New Chicago Police Department,  Lake County Police Department, and Northwest Regional SWAT.

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