Tanker Truck Out Of Griffith Hits Trooper And Found To Have Multiple Violations

Monday morning at 5:00 AM, Indiana State Troopers were investigating a crash on I-65 northbound lanes at the 224.3 mile-marker, according to Sgt. Glen Fifield. 


Troopers were assisting D-1 Towing with the removal of a semi that had been involved in an earlier crash.  Two troopers were blocking the right lane with all their emergency lights activated when Trooper Jordin Bilthuis’ police car was side swiped by a tanker truck. Trooper Bilthuis was sitting in her patrol car, with her seatbelt buckled, when the crash occurred. Trooper Bilthuis was transported to a local hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries and is expected to make a full recovery.

The driver of the truck, Jonathan W. Hanley, 33, from Remington, IN, was cited for Failure to Yield to a Stationary Emergency Vehicle. An inspection was also completed on the tanker truck which found several violations, two of which were “Out of Service” violations. The truck is operated by Hydro EXC Inc. in Griffith, IN.

The Indiana State Police reminds drivers to always slow down and/or change lanes when approaching emergency vehicles that are on the side of the roadway.  Also, never drive a vehicle when you’re fatigued or tired.  Pull over to a safe location, a rest stop or service station, and rest before continuing to your destination. The life you save could very well be your own.

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