Valparaiso Man Who Made Threatening Video Is In Custody

A video that surfaced on Youtube Monday was being shared on social media groups Wednesday evening showing a Valparaiso man threatening murder and suicide.

The man who identified himself as Brian Kelly in the video said, “If something is not done I’m going to Murder as many people as I can and then kill myself. This not a bluff, I urge the authorities to take action immediately or the blood will be on your hands.”

As of Wednesday night RNS can confirm Brian Kelly, 50-years-old, is in custody at the The Lake County Jail for a charge of OWI. Kelly was picked up on a Lake Station warrant. Valparaiso Police were made aware of the video by numerous concerned residents and are expected to speak to Mr. Kelly.

Kelly, who was just in court Friday in Porter County for an eviction that may have stemmed the making of this video.

Valparaiso Police continue to work with Lake County authorities while the investigation into the threats is on-going, police said late Wednesday.

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